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2 Things That Work to Get Rid of Rough and Uneven Skin Texture

If you are suffering from rough and uneven skin texture as well as dry patches of skin then its a  MUST for you to continue reading this post. Having rough and uneven skin is troublesome for many people (yes this includes both men and women). When you have rough looking skin that also has dry patches then you probably know especially as a woman this can be problematic. - Even more so  if you happen to wear makeup/cosmetics. When you have rough looking skin with enlarged and raised pores and dry patches wearing makeup such as foundation and powder can actually make you look worse! Your overall look would be cakey and unflattering and the makeup will be very noticeable. If you do not wear makeup but have uneven and rough looking skin, you are more than likely to become self-conscious and your confidence will also suffer.

The best way to get  rid of rough skin and dry patches is:

1. Glycolic Acid Peels!

I was able to get rid of my large pores and rough skin by doing regular Glycolic acid peels. I tried both 40% and 30% and figured out that my skin reacts better to 30% Glycolic acid peels done 1x a week and only left on for 5 minutes maximum. Without a doubt I will say that Glycolic acid peels have changed my skin for the better and I will never do without them. EVER.
 I love Skin Obsession's Glycolic Acid peel because they don't use preservatives and
I have never had any bad skin reaction with them.

Pros of a Glycolic acid peel: This peel works WONDERS for getting rid of large pores by minimizing their appearance. It also helps to prevent acne breakouts ( since I started doing glycolic peels I barely if ever breakout like I used to before). Glycolic acid works to give you a smoother texture of skin and gets rid of dry patches.

Cons of a Glycolic acid peel: The peel itself STINGS like you wouldn't belive! It feels like 1 million fire ants on your face matching, biting and scratching you. I would recommend that you only apply the glycolic in sections. For example, I do my forehead first wait  minutes, neutralize and rinse with cold water. Then I do the left side of my cheek, then the right side, then the chin etc. Just work in sections to make the stinging sensation more tolerable. If you aply the peel all over your face at once, you will feel as if your ENTIRE face is on fire!

* Please note: ALWAYS read the ingredients of any chemical peel. Some sellers will put Sodium Benzoate a highly irritating preservative in their peels. You can end up having a REALLY REALLY BAD skin reaction with Sodium Benzoate! Avoid any product that has this as a preservative it's usually cheap but definitely not worth it.

Avoid wasting product! Use a fan brush to apply your chemical peel. I find that using a cotton puff/pad soaks up too much product and wastes the chemical peel so I prefer applying my chemical peels with a fan brush.

2. PMD - Personal Microderm System

I finally saved up to buy my own PMD Microderm system and I'm sure glad I did. I'd like to say that I only use this 2x a month and only after 3 days of not using Glycolic acid peel on my face. Whenever I use the PMD I make sure to first cleanse my face, use toner and then rinse with some lukewarm water, then I start with my forehead applying gentle pressure. After my entire face is done, I will splash my face with some warm water followed by ice cold water to close the pores, then I put on my Vitamin C serum to help the skin in regenerating collagen and also getting rid of any dark marks on the skin. I find doing so has SIGNIFICANTLY left my texture smoother and on the bright side Vitamin C serum has really helped me to fade any hyperpigmentation on my skin.

Pros of the PMD: Helps to improve dry skin patches and rough texture of the skin. It doesn't sting your skin like the Glycolic Acid Peels. It's great for getting rid of dark marks on the skin and hyperpigmentation. Remember to never use it if you are actively breaking out.

Cons of the PMD: The price is a bit steep starting at $175+ but is well worth it for the results it delivers. This device can scratch your skin if you apply too much pressure it can cause scarring if you go over the same are of your skin more than once. READ the DVD it comes with and follow the instructions as this will be essential to your success.

So that's it for today, if you've been suffering in silence with dark marks on skin, dry patches, and rough uneven skin texture, there is hope because you can help your skin heal and recover by using products that actually work. By being consistent and developing a good skin regimen you will start to see results. Remember the results are not overnight rather can take 1 month or more. Do not give up just because you didn't see results the same day! Keep going and a year from now, your skin will thank you.

ALWAYS wear a good quality sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to prevent skin damage and keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Stay beautiful.

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