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Affordable Alternatives to The Clarisonic Facial Brush

I admit it, I caved and finally bought myself an Clarisonic Mia2™ face brush. My skin is acne prone and very oily so the Mia2 made perfect sense since it is designed and meant for use on combination/oily acne prone skin. As a person who wears foundation regularly, I find that the Clarisonic Mia2 works great for removing all traces of makeup and cleaning my face really well without over drying but rather it leaves my face super clean and thus helps to prevent breakouts that usually results from traces of makeup or dirt clogging my pores. Ever since I  started using the Clarisonic, I have noticed a dramatic yet positive change in my skin and my breakouts are far and few and I usually get one or two usually around that time of the month and even then, those disappear within a few short days. My face definitely feels super clean and I personally feel that my moisturizer is being absorbed much better into the skin as opposed to just sitting there on the surface.

The Mia2 is one of the most amazing beauty inventions made in the modern day and to me it is definitely and without a doubt worth the money for me, but at $199 USD and about $31 USD for the brush replacement heads (you are supposed to change the brush heads every 3 months). Now I know that not everybody is going to feel comfortable paying this much for a face brush. And this is why I  decided to put together a list of high quality yet affordable alternatives to the Clarisonic face cleansing brushes that you can try if you think that  the Clarisonic is not within your budget or you want something a little more wallet friendly.

Without further delay, check out some of the best Clarisonic alternative facial cleansing brushes below:

1. Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System

Exfoliation is a very important step if you want to have brighter, more youthful skin. The Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion System works by polishing and gently exfoliating your skin in order to get rid of rough patches, dull skin, imperfections and other skin discolorations. The end result is noticeably glowing skin, improved texture and a more even skin tone.

2. Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

Designed by qualified dermatologists and skincare experts the Olay, the Advanced Cleansing System is a highly effective skin cleansing system and a great alternative to the more expensive clarisonic face brush.This cleansing face brush will help to clean and exfoliate your skin for the ultimate clean. It also works to minimize fine lines and prevent breakouts by assisting in faster skin cell turnover and removing unwanted dirt/oils from your face without over-drying.

3.  Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System by ToiletTree Products

 If you want a water-resistant skin cleansing system that you can use on both your face and body, then this particular cleansing brush is an excellent choice. It works to reduce dry patches on the skin, lightens dark spots on the skin, minimizes blemishes, fine lines, large pores, wrinkles and prevents blackheads. The water resistant skin cleansing system also assists in stimulating skin renewal, improving the skin's clarity and appearance because it removes dead skin cells thus exposing healthy, glowing skin that looks energized. 

4. BriteLeafs 4-in-1 Electric Facial & Body Brush Spa Cleaning System (BL-802)

If you are looking to have baby soft, smooth skin, then you obviously know that having clear, radiant skin plays a big part in how your overall skin looks. The good news is that soft skin is a possibility and you can actually reduce and erase the fine lines and blackheads you might have by simply using the BriteLeafs Face and Body Cleansing System . This facial cleansing system is lightweight, compact, and comes in various settings to suit your needs. You can set it to 'Low' for daily face cleansing, set it to ''High'' if you want a more aggressive exfoliating etc. It also comes with a rotating pumice that you can use to polish off and get rid of rough callus skin on your feet or elbow.  If you want to improve your skin's elasticity and product absorption, then the BriteLeaf Face & Body Cleansing system is for you.

5.  Sirius Sonic Skin Care System

The Sonic Skin Care System will help you to transform your skin and reveal its natural beauty. It is an effective, safe and affordable alternative to abrasive and uncomfortable laser and chemical procedures. Using the Sonic cleansing brushes is much more effective than manually cleansing your face with makeup cleansing wipes or with your hands and some cleanser/soap. You will also remove 6X more makeup than traditional cleansing by using a rotating face brush such as the the Sirius Sonic skincare system.

Although I would say the Mi2 Clarisonic face brush is still the very best facial cleansing system there is, the above affordable options also work in helping you to clean and exfoliate your skin. So if you are looking for a face brush that will help to improve your skin's texture and tone, fade dark marks and take off makeup better than other methods such as plain soap, then the above mentioned face brushes are definitely worth a try.  

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At April 29, 2014 at 5:16 AM , Blogger nam er said...

. My face definitely feels super clean and I personally feel that my moisturizer is being absorbed much better into the skin as opposed to just sitting there on the surface. Manchas na Pele

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