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How to Treat Dark Skin Discoloration on Your Face Using Natural Methods

Skin pigment change on your skin as well as your face can really make you self conscious. Truth is nobody wants to have dark skin discoloration on their face! Having dark marks on your face is usually most common with people who have a darker skin tone. These marks are usually cause either by pimples, acne or melasma. Throughout this article we're going to discuss about the various causes of skin pigment changes on the face as well as on other parts of the body and how you can treat and even fade dark marks on your skin. Everyone deals with some type of skin problem here and there in their lifetime.

To be honest skin problems do not discriminate regardless of age, race, social status or financial status. Skin problems can actually affect both teens, people in their 20's and even grown adults in their 30's, 40's and beyond! Normal skin is a type of skin that is even in tone and is smooth to the touch.
 Skin disorders however can make skin more dry, excessively oily, patchy and at times uneven.

 Increased exposure to the sun, pollutants, cosmetics and an inactive diet combined with a poor lifestyle also work together and can negatively affect your skin condition. Whatever the reason is, people want the most immediate remedy for their dark skin discoloration, especially on the face.

Remedies for Dark Skin Discoloration on The Face
Facial skin discoloration can wreck havoc on your self esteem as well as your appearance. Most dark skin discoloration happens after a pimple or a breakout of some sort, even after the pimple, zit or whitehead has healed, you'll find that you're left with an unattractive dark spot that tends to stay around longer than you are comfortable with. The great news is, with hyperpigmentation, you can treat it overtime, however, you will need some patience to start seeing results.

 Vitamin C is an excellent way to fade post hyperpigmentation and dark skin discoloration on the face. You can make a great paste to apply to your face each and every other day in order to fade any dark marks you have on your skin. A good paste full of anti-oxidants, lactic acid and vitamin C can work wonders for your complexion.

Skin Lightening Mask
=> Mix a paste of dried orange powder, milk, turmeric, honey as well as a few drops of lemon juice
=> Apply this paste to your face and leave it on for around 15 -20 minutes
=> Rinse off with warm water

Skin Brightening Mask
=> Prepare a fruit mask of mashed papaya, apricot and cucumbers( This works to decrease the dark discoloration and makes the skin glow and stay radiant)

The Potatoe Juice Remedy
=> Slice a potato in half and apply the potato juice directly to your skin ( potato juice is high in glycolic acid and will help to naturally bleach and fade post acne pigmentation effectively if used regularly each day)

Almond Paste 
=> Soak 7-10 almonds overnight in room temperature water.
=> Peel the almond skin and then grind all the almonds into a paste
=> Mix 1 tablespoonful of honey and mix it into the almond paste
=> Apply the mixture to your face, exfoliate lightly and leave it on for 20 minutes everyday this will fade spots if used daily ( the almonds remove dead skin cells and help to resurface your skin).

If you have severe dark skin discoloration on your face because of severe acne breakouts or you have had cystic acne and now have pock marks, your option to fade your dark marks and scarring may need to come from microdermabrasion or other forms of treatment from a qualified medical doctor ( dermatologist).

The Most Important Thing You Can Do If you suffer From Dark Skin Discoloration on Your Face

 Even if you have dark skin, you absolutely NEED TO WEAR SUNSCREEN! If you do not wear sunscreen when going outdoors ( yes, even on those super cloudy days) any dark marks you have on your skin will get worse, rendering any fading treatments useless because you will have to start all over again.  I recommend the Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46, 48-Gram 1.7 oz sunscreen simply because its very light and you can wear it under makeup. It also doesn't have that icky, oily, greasy feel and it won't leave you with that white mask like appearance that most sunscreens have. 

Watch what you Eat
Your diet really matters when it comes to the health of your skin. Make sure that you're eating foods high in vitamin C to help your body fight off infections, you can find vitamin C in both vegetables and fruits. Vitamin E and B complex vitamins are also essential to ensure glowing skin ( these vitamins are especially great if you suffer from dull skin as well).

 Drinks lots of H20!
Also remember to drink lots of water, avoid empty calorie drinks such as sugary juices and pops. Water works to help your skin to stay clear, supple and well hydrated. If water consumption is hard to fit into your schedule, you can always take a water bottle with you to work, school, your workout and anywhere else you go, you'd be surprise how much water you drink when you carry it around with you!

 If you have a  severe case of facial skin discoloration, it could be due to the makeup and cosmetics you're using. If you can, try to use only oil free and non comediogenic cleansers and lotions. If you wear makeup, wash your makeup brushes regularly with an antibacterial makeup brush cleaner, this will help you to avoid breaking out and ending with dark marks on your skin as a result of a zit or a pimple. If your condition persists or the treatments aren't working, you might need to then speak to your doctor/dermatologist for a more aggressive treatment/therapy options.

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